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Uppercut Matt Clay

RM 85.00

Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay

This product is an all round knock out. It grips and slicks short or long hair and effortlessly shapes just about any style. Its almost too easy.
Best used to create short textured looks, or longer sweeping styles where ultimate control and precision are required.
Uppercut Matt Hair Clay Pomade is yet another great styling product with a strong hold by Uppercut. The petroleum based clay is of a thick consistency, slightly more dry than a classic pomade. Has a peppermint scent with a vanilla undertone. You can acheive all kinds of styles with this product but don't worry, still wont see a bit of shine. Great for those that like the dirty-but-not look. Rub small amount in between dry fingers and apply to dry hair. Style with hands for a messy look or comb after for a more slick back, smooth look.

Strong hold
No shine
Peppermint scent
Petrolatum-based formula that allows you to rework your hairdo
Volume: 2.1 oz / 60 g | Made in Australia

New packaging

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