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Firehouse Moustache Wax Wacky Tacky

RM 50.00

Firehouse Moustache Wax Wacky Tacky

 Strong hold

100% natural ingredient

Natural scent


Hand made in USA

Three different waxes offered by Firehouse Moustache Wax; Light, Dark, & Wacky Tacky. The Light wax works best on white or light colored hair.  The Dark is really not “dark” but will work well with brownish and reddish hair. It can be considered more of a neutral color and can work well on all colors of hair. It appears  darker in the tin than when applied. The Dark wax is a little stiffer than the Light, but both set up really well.  

"Wacky Tacky" appears very dark in the tin, but out of the tin tends to be lighter in color. Due to the nature of the wax, it can sometimes be darker or lighter than pictured below.  It works well on a wide variety of different colored hair, and you apply it the same as the others.  It's just like its name, wacky and tacky!  All three have different aromas but it’s not like a perfume smell.  They smell quite good.  (Please note that there are sometimes striations of lighter or darker colors in the Dark and Wacky Tacky waxes, as well as sometimes having an overall lighter or darker color than what's pictured below. This is due to a variance in the wax caused by nature but will not effect the performance or quality in any way.)

Each small batch of wax is personally handmade and tested by me. When I'm not on shift at the fire station or shoeing horses, I'm making wax at our home in Mississippi. I've created the wax to have superior hold to moisture/humidity, heat, wind or any weather condition. Our waxes contain no added fragrances or dyes. The color and aroma come naturally from the waxes used. We hope you'll enjoy it!  

One application in the morning should work for the whole day, even in hot, sweaty conditions.  If you leave the wax where it will get cold, you may need to let the wax warm some before applying. (i.e. putting it in your pocket, running under hot water or near warm air out of a vent etc.)

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