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Morgan's Pomade Hair Darkening

RM 65.00

Morgan's Pomade Hair Darkening

The unique formula of Morgan's Pomade gradually darkens grey hair over a short period of time. Daily use of Morgan's Pomade enables the user to quickly achieve a suitable hair colour shade which can be maintained by subsequent, less frequent, applications. Suitable for hair of all types, Morgan's Pomade improves dry and brittle hair as well as maintaining a healthy scalp

Morgan's Hair Darkening range gives a naturally healthy choice to those that wish to maintain a darker hair colour.

Now it is no longer necessary to expose your hair and skin to instant dyes containing harsh bleaching agents and chemicals but to simply indulge it with a natural blend of herbs, vitamins and essential oils.

Morgan's works by stimulating the naturally present amino acids in the hair with organic Bismuth, a vital earth element, the hair gradually darkens.

Using Morgan's gently treats your hair to an infusion of Essential Oils and Organic Herb extracts such as Camomile and Cornflower giving it new life and vitality. The presence of vitamin rich Panthenol and Wheat Germ Oil gives deep rooted lustre and shine in all types of hair creating a whole new feeling of health and well being.

Original since 1873

Made in UK

Available in 50 gram, 100 gram & 200 gram

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