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Reuzel Pomade Green 12oz

RM 200.00

Reuzel Green Pomade 12oz

*Contain no Lard, or of any pig ingredient

Reuzel Pomade is a versatile product that allows you to control its strength and degree of shine.

Ruezel Pomade is strongest when applied to dry hair, for a heavy (90 weight) hold, blow dry the hair before applying. For a lighter (30 weight) hold, simply towel dry before applying. 

Applying Reuzel Pomade: Work an ample amount of Pomade between the palms of your hands until it softens and then apply thoroughly through the hair from roots to ends. 

Style: Simply comb, brush or hand style into the desired shape. Add more Pomade or more water as needed to perfect the style. Reuzel Pomade does not dry or harden in the hair so you can restyle as needed throughout the day without loosing control or shine. 


Made in USA

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