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Schmiere Bobble Head - Bob the Earcutter

RM 120.00

Schmiere Bobble Head - Bob the Earcutter

Don't be misled by the confirmative nodding of Bob the Earcutter. Hi appraises his vicinity at any time to flash into action. Keep your powder dry!: You shouldn't even trust a hand painted wobbler. Enjoy his cool look as long he's willing to give you that time ...

Cool, hand painted Schmiere raven sculpture made from high-class resin with a wobbling head.

Bob the Earcutter started his career as a knife thrower. After some of his assistants lost at least one of her ears he began to rethink his skills - more or less voluntarily. One morning he staggered out of a pub and stranded just in front of Chester's Barbershop. He didn't gaze very long at the display of cutting tools and got a new job some minutes later. The presentation of his primed skills convinced immediately. Thenceforth he had always a bottle of Devils Booze ready for his day job - On his side job bloody side effects are wanted.

This wobbler has a height of approx. 21 cm. It's made of resistant poly-resin. Each sculpture is hand painted and convinces with a fascinating richness of detail. The oversized raven head wobbles if the ground moves and also by just nudging Bob. This wobbler is sold separately, but is also available in great sets together with theSchmiere Barbershop pomade - packed in a matching barber pole cardboard tin. What about this set with three different strength?

The Schmiere Wobbler Bob the Earcutter at a glance:

size: approx. 21 cm

weight: approx. 0,4 kg

material: poly-resin

hand painted

with oversized wobble head

sold seperately and also available as set with Schmiere Pomade

Attention: Not qualified for under 3-year-olds. Contents swallowable consumables.


Schmiere by Rumble59 offers a great choice of pomade and accessories. Bob the Earcutter in shape of a detailed wobbler will inspire and fascinate you likewise.

Original merchandise from Schmiere 

Made in Germany

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