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Schmiere Pomade - Special Edition Barbershop strong

RM 75.00

This strong Special Edition Schmiere arises from the latest coup of the Schmiere raven: A barbershop opening on the German "Reeperbahn". The three feathered fellows Chester, Steve and Bob run this traditional business with their dexterous passion which is the base for their day job and of course their subsidiary occupation. Chester is the brain behind the gang and pulls the strings. Let yourself be professionally pampered at Chester's Barbershop. But be on the watch: You could get the trio's plaything for one of their master strokes too.

First-class 50s styling with the Barbershop Schmiere strong.

Scissors are the passion of Steve McScissors which he discovered during many autopsies of human bodies. When others need a scalpel for precision Steve leads scissors in every size and shape with a calm and competent hand. After his dishonorable discharge from the FBI due to drugdealing by cooking autopsy reports he's now part of Chester's gang. With his background knowledge and his dexterity he's a big help for Chester the Brain. Customers of Chester's Barbershop are pleased about his precise haircuts - In contrast the crook duo Chester and Bob is pleased about his clever and promising tactics.

The Special Edition Barbershop Pomade strong by Schmiere has a strong hold. It has a orange-yellow colour and smells appetizingly like marzipan. A small pinch of "italian liquor" is responsible for this very special flavour. The printed and elaborated tin can houses a 140 ml content. Of course this variety by Schmiere is made in Germany also. The Schmiere Pomade Barbershop strong is sold seperately, but is also available in a fantastic Triple Set - packed with a cool raven wobbler.

The strong Schmiere Pomade of the Special Edition Barbershop at a glance:

strong hold

Colour: orange-yellow

Smell: marzipan

Content: 140 ml

comic leaflet "How to use Schmiere" included

Made in Germany

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