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Suavecito Butterfly Switchblade Comb

RM 55.00

Suavecito Butterfly Switchblade Comb


You're walking home and take a shortcut through an alley. As you're walking through this dark damp alley someone appears ahead of you seemingly out of nowhere. Nervously, your pace slows ever so slightly as you approach him. He is just standing there looking at you. You get closer and he starts to smile at you with a mischievous gaze that pierces into you. He reaches into his pocket and you stop dead. Without looking away from you his hand slowly comes out of his pocket. He is holding a short well used black comb. He holds it down at his side and nods. You quickly pull out yours, the Butterfly Switchblade Comb, and mimic his stance. Your comb is at your side. Your eyes lock. The world seems to melt away and your jaw clenches down. This is serious. It's going to be one of those nights. It's a comb off. Don't get caught on the streets without your Butterfly Switchblade Comb. Folds nicely into your pocket for everyday use.

Material: Hard plastic + Alloy

Measurement; Open 7", Folding 3.75"

Original products from Suavecito USA

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